Seafreight shipment in a 20' container
    Dubai to Mombasa

    Rajesh and the entire IAL team were extremely efficient in handling the shipping from Dubai. We briefly met at the office to hand over some documents copies, then two days later we went to Jebel Ali port at 8am and were guided by Shamil for throughout the customs formalities and the stuffing of the vehicle into the container. At noon the same day, it was all done and he even dropped us at the metro station with our backpacks.

    In Mombasa, Solomon from Mitchell Cotts was responsible for the coordination of the container and the customs formalities. He also took care of the 3rd party road insurance for Kenya as well as the COMESA (yellow card) registration, which will cover some of Eastern Africa countries. Two days after the vessel arrived, we briefly met Solomon at 8 am to give him the passport and the carnet de passage before returning to our hotel. A few hours later we met again at the port for the contianer opening and customs inspection. Once again, the procedure was extremely simple and fast. Both Rajesh in Dubai and Solomon in Mombasa offered a remarkable service and were extremely efficient.


    (February 2016)
    Various charges in Dubai : 651 USD
    Sea freight charges from Dubai to Mombasa : 716 USD

    Various charges in Mombasa port : 1219 USD

    Road 3rd party insurance in Kenya, (validity 1 year) : 77,50 USD
    COMESA (validity 1 year) : 92 UDS

    Freight forwarder in Dubai :

    IAL Logistics Emirates LLC - Dubai, UAE
    Contact : Rajesh K. R.
    Email :
    Tel: +971 4 5065600
    Mobile : +971 50 4504810

    Freight forwarder in Mombasa :

    Mitchell Cotts Freight Kenya Ltd - Mombasa, Kenya
    Contact : Solomon Oloo
    Mobile : +254731685076

    Seafreight transport by RORO
    Cartagena to Zeebrugge, via Panama

    We organized the shipping with NAVES, Wallenius Wilhelmsen's agent in Colombia. We have requested the services of Enlace Caribe in Cartagena to help us with the administrative procedures at the port. Afterwards, I think that it would have been easier and the same price to let Enlace Caribe handle all the transport without using NAVES.
    There was no direct vessel from Cartagena to Europe, therefore our vehicle changed vessel in Panama, adding an extra week to the transit time. The total transit time from Cartagena to Zeebrugge in Belgium was 4 weeks. We removed our personal effects from our vehicle, left only the camping material. Zorro arrived in perfect condition and nothing was missing.


    (May 2012)
    Seafreight charges : 1125 USD
    Documentation fee : (45+TVA) 52.20 USD
    Porteo : (45+TVA) 52.20 USD
    BL fee : 35+TVA USD

    Charges for the services of Enlace Caribe : 175 USD
    Port charges : 67 USD

    Port charges in Zeebrugge : 135 EUR

    Customs clearance (only for foreign vehicle) : 85 EUR

    TOTAL : 1776.40 USD

    Shipping line :

    Wallenius Wilhelmsen via their agent Naves
    Contact: Juan Sebastian Florez
    Carrera 12 No. 79 - 32
    Bogotá, Colombia
    Phone: +57 1 7051366 Ext 615
    Mobile: +57 3 313 8318610

    Freight forwarder :

    Enlace Caribe Ltda.
    Contact : Luis Ernesto La Rota R.
    Manga, Calle 28 No. 26-47, Of. 103
    Cartagena, Colombia
    Ph +57 (5) 660 8960
    Mob + 57 315 758 5872

    Customs agent in Belgium :

    We needed a customs agent because we had a Mexican vehicle which we wanted to import in Switzerland. European vehicles don't need a customs agent.

    Cilogis NV
    Contact : Dagmar
    Karveelstraat 7
    8380 Zeebrugge
    Ph +32 (0) 50 82 40 190

    Third party insurance for foreign vehicules :

    Assurantiekantoor Alessie
    Contact : Maria M. Alessie
    Eliotplaats 174
    3068 VL Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    Ph +31 10 4 555 946

    259 EUR for the first month and 105 EUR for each additional month.