Mexico - April 2010

From April 8th, to May 11th, 2010

This long journey started in Geneva already. We spent a lot of hours on Internet looking where and how to buy a VW combi. In both Canada and the USA they are too expensive and we were not sure if we would be able to register it. We finally found it in Mexico, in San Luis Potosi. On April 8th, 2010, our VW combi with the colors of the Swiss flag, was waiting for us at the San Luis Potosi bus stand. The following day, we managed to easily register the van. We purchased some more equipment before hitting the road for Rio Verde. We found a good spot to stay overnight near the Laguna de la Media Luna. The following day, we experienced scuba diving in the fresh water lagoon. The water was as clear as in a "cenote" and almost as warm as my bath.


We continued our journey towards the area of La Huasteca in order to see the multiple waterfalls. Unfortunately, our combi broke down a few times in the afternoon. We even got pulled by a police car. We finally arrived in Tamasopo under the rain, just when it started to be dark. We spent most of the next day with a mechanic and an electrician to identify the problem. After all this, we finally went to see the waterfalls of Puente de Dios. It was absolutely magic. There were ten waterfalls falling down in a kind of lagoon. It was a natural swimming pool.

We went back to San Luis Potosi and decided to make an overhaul to our combi. It took two days to remove the engine, to change all the "consumable" parts, to add a safety belt and a head-rest. Our combi was ready to hit the road in a good shape.

We spent the weekend in Guadalajara with my friends Nicole & Colin before reaching the coast of the Pacific Ocean. We found a nice and quiet free camping spot on the beach. After a few days on the road, we arrived at Los Mochis where we caught a ferry to La Paz (located in Baja California Sur).

We went for a scuba diving trip in Espiritu Santo national park, more precisely in Los Islotes. It is an island were a colony of 350 Sea Lions live year round. We arrived a few meters from the island and the sea lions were already calling for us on the side of the boat. They really played with us as if we were one of them. I spent one hour in paradise!


We found a nice Volkswagen workshop where we decided to change a few things to make our van more comfortable. We changed the front seats, the muffler and a few more things. We were looking for a good workshop, we found a house. We were looking for good mechanics, we found good friends. Despite the crazy dirt road and the fact that our van got stuck in the sand, Cabo Pulmo national park was very beautiful. There was an endless sea view and deserted beaches. The Todos Santos Lagoon is a bird-watchers heaven. Eagles, pelicans and seagulls were flying in the sky and used the lagoon for take offs and landings.


A little more north on the peninsula, Baja Conception is a jewel. The mountains which protect the bay reflected in water as in a mirror. The turquoise water beaches were a perfect spot to rest for a few days. This is without speaking about this enormous tree which is a good sun shelter for our house. As soon as we arrived, a small whale-shark swam a few meters away from the shore. He was just showing his tip above the water to confuse us about his identity.

While driving north, we crossed miles of cactus desert. We had to make sure to have some spare gasoline as there was no station for for 350 kilometers. We went through many military controls with no problem. Some of them were quite impressive as the soldiers were armed with machine-guns and dog to track any drug odor. At least we were psychologically prepared for the border crossing from Mexico to the United States.


We finally arrived in Tijuana, waited in the car queue, surrounded by a multitude of Mexicans who seeked to clean our combi or to sell us something. We were ready for the officer to take apart our van.

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