Switzerland, France - Encounters

From June 13th to July 31st, 2012

MAUD & SEB - Geneva, Switzerland

While we briefly met in Patagonia, our paths crossed again in Bolivia six months later. For almost two months, we traveled together through the Pantanal area in Brazil, up to Asuncion in Paraguay. Visiting France for a period of six months, they came to visit the "Ptits Swiss" in Geneva in March. In June, just a few days before their departure for South America, they made a second last minute visit. This was an opportunity to spend a fun night playing Cranium. We hope you will bring enough material to repair the power system of your 4WD, because a windows which doesn't want to close when a big storm approaches, is not fun.


SABINE – Marseille

Our friends Gerard and Sabine, which we met in Peru and with whom we spent a few weeks in the Galapagos, were in France for a few weeks. While Gerard visited his family in northern France, Sabine waited for us in Marseilles, determined to introduce us to her city, which she likes to describe as the most beautiful of the world... Marseillaise ?

We left Geneva at 9:30 AM and reached Marseille at 7:30 PM, after 450 kilometers of national road, slowed by the roundabouts and speed bumps.


Always full power, she showed us another facet of this metropolis as a triathlon day. We bicycled and followed the coast leading to the pretty little harbor called Callelongue, where we exchanged our bikes against walking shoes. We climbed to the Rock of Goudes where we had a breathtaking view of Jarron, Jarre and Calseraigne islands. After two hours of walk down through "Les pas de Géants", we cycled to the "Baie des Singes". After a well deserved picnic, we throw ourselves into the water for a snorkeling exploration. If the white sand highlighted the turquoise color water, the water temperature was far from the Caribbean's.


TOM - Le Lavandou

In 1999, on his first trip, Aless met Tom in Venezuela. They traveled together for a few months through Central America up to Mexico. While they haven't seen each other for six years, we went to his shack on the beach of Le Lavandou. It revived fun memories to the mind of the two friends, happy to see each other again... Tom insisted that we stay and suggested to camp on his land a few miles away. Unfortunately we had to continue our journey, but this was only postponed.



By late afternoon, we joined our friends Six en Route at Denis house. Denis also traveled the world with his family, known as La Tortue Selene. The days were run by the visit of the hamlet's children. The more we were, the more fun ! During the day, we played valley ball in the swimming-pool, made figures on the huge trampoline received by Timothy (Denis's son) for his birthday, while on evenings we changed settings for the game of loups-garou with 18 players.


PHILIPPE - Flassan, Vaucluse

As Aless had to go back to Geneva to join his brother with whom he would drive to Milan, there was nothing waiting for me in Geneva. Everyone was on vacation, even my mother was in Vaucluse with her friend, Philippe.

I drove Aless at the train station of Avignon and joined my mother in the pretty village of Flassan. The days started with an hour walk with the dogs, Léo and Bianco. In the afternoon, we swam in the nearby lake. We also discovered a canyon which was only accessible by walking into the river. During the festival season it was also an opportunity to wander in Avignon where street performances abounded.


After a week, we slowly headed north in direction of Geneva, driving through the Napoleon Road along lavender fields and canyons before settling for a night near the lake of Serre Ponçon.

CAROLE & FRANK and SIX EN ROUTE - Châtillens, Switzerland

Carole and Frank met the Six en Route in Salta, Argentina. We met Frank and Carole in Uruguay. We met the Six en Route in India, then in Bolivia. It was finally on the Helvetique ground that we all gathered together. Only an hour's drive from Geneva, in their Châtillens house, we dove into a travel timeline, disconnected from everything. Between Frank and Aless, the backgammon is quite a story. While they played night and days in Uruguay, the competitive spirit continued in Switzerland. While these gentlemen played backgammon, others played balls. We also used the neighbor trampoline for a bouncing afternoon. After a little walk with Carole in the Vaud countryside, swimming in the creek was breathtaking.


Whether in Châtillens, in southern France, for a swim in the Lake Leman in Geneva or Saint Prex, we really enjoy sharing moments with the Six en Route.

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