From the 11th to the 15th of June 2013

We arrived on the Falster Island, followed the east coast and were delighted to discover a beautiful beach which despite the residential area, kept a nice and wild look. Despite its 15°C degrees, the calm and clear water was calling us for a swim. After a sunny day of relaxation on the beach, we reached Mon Island. To the west, Mons Klint was a true copy of the cliff we visited two days earlier in Germany. In the field, it was not uncommon to see pheasants, hares and deers.


After a rainy day, we reached Copenhagen. The "Copenhaguen City Camp" was not the most feng-shui campsites, but certainly the most convenient for its location, had all the facilities we needed and the owner was very friendly and useful. In the center, it wasn't a bike race, but simply THE mean of transport. Bike paths were everywhere and at the traffic lights, pelotons were waiting for the green light. There were bikes for everyone. The racing bike to go fast. The city bike for a comfortable position. Or the family version with three wheels and a large integrated case for children and groceries transportation. Regarding the equipment, rain boots, waterproof pants and jacket and a cover on the carrying case are a must in this city where the rain is part of the everyday life. On the canals, barges were transformed into real floating houses with bay window, garden, terrace and grill. One of them was even converted into a hotel. We discovered the alternative district of Christiania, where an ideology got lost in time. The grass was sold on display. In the neighborhood, we enjoyed delicious food in a small vegetarian restaurant where we felt like home. Copenhagen was also an opportunity to meet our friend Claus. He gives us an appointment at the botanical garden for an exotic visit in memory of our encounter a year and a half earlier in the Galapagos.


The road to Helsingor where we would take the ferry to Sweden really gave us the feeling of being on the Swiss road between Geneva and Lausanne. Rather luxurious houses lined the water. On the other side of what could be Lake Geneva, it wasn't France, but Sweden we could already see.

On the ferry, there was no more than a dozen vehicles. However, the restaurant and duty free shops were crowded. The Swedish passengers, board, consume and make several return trips on this journey which only lasts 20 minutes. When they spent enough money, they disembark, laden with packs of beer, without even touching the Danes ground.

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